BIGSdb v1.33.0 released

BIGSdb v1.33.0 has been released. This adds data drill-down functionality linked to the front-end dashboards on isolate databases hosted on PubMLST.

From any dashboard element displaying a field breakdown visualisation, you can now select ‘Data explorer’.

Select data explorer icon

This displays a table showing frequency values for the selected field. Each label is hyperlinked and leads directly to a data query to retrieve records.

Hyperlinked values lead directly to data query

You can then select any or all values and up to 3 other fields to investigate relationships.

Select values and fields

A decomposition tree is displayed and each node can be clicked to drill down to other fields. A bar chart indicates the relative proportions of values for each field.

Decomposition tree breaks down field values

Finally, clicking any node label will take you to a data query page that returns a dataset filtered by the selected values.

Clicking node labels take you to a data query filtered by selected field values

BIGSdb is open source software that powers all the databases on PubMLST. It can be downloaded from